Teachings in California

Lama Jampa visited California from July 5-17, beginning his visit with a weekend in Ewam Choden, a Sakya Center established by Lama Kunga Rinpoche in Berkeley  in 1973. Lama Jampa gave a weekend of teachings on Shamatha and Vipassana based upon the instructions in the Triple Vision and concluded the weekend with extensive question and answer session for students to ask questions on the teaching and practice in general.

The following Thursday saw the US launch of Wisdom in Exile, at our new location on Pier Avenue, off Main St. It was a wonderful occasion and many people came to hear about the book’s key themes.

The following day Lama Jampa formally blessed the new Center.

The visit concluded with Lama Jampa continuing the teachings on Madhyamika from the Rain of Clarity and gave the Initiation of Medicine Buddha in the afternoon.