Online Buddhism and Meditation — Join classes & groups around the world

Dechen Centres in the UK, North America, Mexico and Germany are offering a full program of Buddhism and meditation classes online via Zoom and Google Hangouts. These include online Buddhist book study groups, philosophy, mind training and meditation classes throughout the week, hosted from different locations and timezone.

Please contact the course host by email to get the Zoom link and information.

Class times are given in the host centre’s local time and language (English, Spanish or German).

Buddhist Book Groups

Patterns in Emptiness

How do Buddha’s teachings answer the most profound questions of our existence? What makes his thinking unique amongst other systems of thought? The answer lies in his teachings on

  • Time: Sundays at 11am
  • Hosts: Los Angeles, USA
  • Language: English
  • Contacts:

Rain of Clarity

We are currently studying the Six Perfections (Paramitas) using the text Rain of Clarity by Lama Jampa Thaye.

Wisdom in Exile

The group will be studying Lama Jampa's book Wisdom in Exile. Study groups provide an opportunity to understand and discuss Buddhist texts.  Everybody welcome.

  • Time: Thursdays 9.00am
  • Hosts: Dechen Mexico
  • Language: Spanish / English
  • Contacts:

Buddhist Thought and Philosophy

Buddhist Thought and Philosophy

A series of Buddhist classes that give a foundation in the core teachings of Buddhism such as impermanence, rebirth and karma.

  • Time: 9.00am Saturdays
  • Hosts: Dechen LA
  • Language: English
  • Contacts:

Buddhist Mind Training (lojong)

Mind Training (lojong)

Mind training is a practice which is accessible to all practitioners whether new or experienced. It is a method to undermine our habitual selfishness.

Mind Training (lojong)

Lojong or mind training is a famous mahayana technique for working with the disturbing emotions to transform them into patience and wisdom.

Buddhism and Meditation Classes

Discover Buddhism

These classes offer an introduction to meditation and Buddhism. They begin with a period of meditation followed by a concise talk about a particular aspect of Buddhism.

  • Time: Tuesdays 8.00pm and Saturdays 10.30am
  • Hosts: Bristol, UK
  • Language: English
  • Contacts:

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

A one hour class that includes a period of meditation followed by a presentation of a key Buddhist teaching with time for questions at the end.

Tasting Birth and Death

We begin with introductions, followed by some calm abiding meditation before a short talk on topics that go straight to the heart.

Transforming the Human Heart

With us you can practise meditation and hear about the unique perspective on life that Buddhism has to offer, in a relaxed and friendly setting.

  • Time: Tuesdays 8.00pm
  • Hosts: Dechen Bath
  • Language: English
  • Contacts:

Meditation Zone

Each session gives an explanation of calming meditation practice followed by a brief talk on a key aspect of the Buddha’s teachings.

  • Time: Tuesdays 7.30pm & 8.00pm; Wednesdays and Fridays 8.00pm; Thursdays 6.00pm
  • Hosts: Dechen Manchester and groups
  • Language: English
  • Contacts: