Diamond Sky: Preparing for Vajryayana

Diamond Sky is an accessible and practical account of the Buddhist path for anyone wishing to understand the essential points of Buddhism and gain a deeper understanding of the path to enlightenment.

Lama Jampa’s account traces Buddhism from its origins to the present day, and explains in a clear and direct way the essential teachings of Buddhism, starting with ‘taking refuge’ in the Three Jewels of Buddha, dharma and sangha, and the four contemplations that create a grounding for the Buddhist path to freedom from our current state of suffering.Lama Jampa then provides a profound step-by-step introduction to the meditations of the Mahayana, by which one can develop loving kindness and compassion, motivated by Bodhicitta – the altruistic resolve to obtain the state of a Buddha for the benefit of beings.

This lucid account concludes with an insightful explanation of the purpose and method of entry to the Vajrayana -the tantric teachings of the Buddha- by which it is possible to attain the state of a Buddha in this very lifetime.

This precise and accessible introduction succinctly illuminates the essence of the Buddhist path, an invaluable reference for those wishing to obtain an overview of the Buddhist path or to deepen their understanding of it.

Click here for a video of Lama Jampa speaking about Diamond Sky – Preparing for Vajrayana