Lama Jampa teaches at the Mikyo Dorje Shedra, Manchester

LJ (4)On 5 to 6 July, at the second session of this year’s Mikyo Dorje Shedra, Lama Jampa taught the third part of Karma Thinley Rinpoche’s commentary, The Lamp that Dispels Darkness, on the Third Karmapa’s text Discriminating between Consciousness and Primordial Wisdom (Tib: Namshe Yeshe) to a large gathering of students from the UK and other countries.
Further to the teaching in February of this year, Lama Jampa concluded the section on the all-base consciousness (Skt: alaya; Tib: kunji) and began to teach the sections of the text relating to primordial wisdom, beginning with Karma Thinley Rinpoche’s essay in defence of the Shentong view.

On the Sunday, Lama Jampa bestowed the bodhisattva vow from the lineage of Manjushri, giving a detailed overview of the different extent lineages of the bodhisattva vow.

During the teachings Lama Jampa reemphasised the importance of striving to unite our minds with Shamar Rinpoche’s during this time. On the Saturday evening, the Amitabha tsok puja was again held at Kagyu Ling.

Lama Jampa will be travelling shortly to Sakya Changlochen Ling in France to prepare for the visit of His Holiness Sakya Trizin and Lama Jampa’s summer teaching programme in Sakya Changlochen Ling.

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