Lama Jampa teaches in Bristol

This weekend Lama Jampa visited the Sakya Buddhist Centre Bristol to teach ‘The Aspiration Prayer of Maitreya’ and gave the initiation of Maitreya from the lineage of Bari Lotsawa.
He began the day by talking about the role and meaning of aspiration prayers (Tib: monlam) for dharma practitioners, explaining that through their recitation one develops the intention to achieve bountiful results. He stated that as the whole force of any action depends upon the intention with which we do it, so through monlam prayers one can achieve the state that one aspires towards.

At the end of the day he remarked upon the Sakya view of the importance of practising the teachings of all three vehicles so that the hinayana and ordinary mahayana should act as a strong foundation for one’s practice of the vajrayana.

Lama Jampa closed by encouraging everyone to keep alive the great teachings that one receives through diligent practice.