Weekend of teachings in West LA

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Lama Jampa  arrived in West LA with Dechen Dolma and Katie on Thursday December 12. During the first weekend of his stay Lama Jampa and Sakya Samten Ling hosted a visit from Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche from Ewam Choden in Berkeley where Lama Jampa had given teachings earlier this year.

This was a joyful occasion and Lama Kunga bestowed the initiation of Sanjay Menla for the sangha on the Saturday afternoon. Following this, on the Sunday, Lama Jampa completed the transmission of the Seven Points of Mind Training and bestowed the initiation of Shakyamuni and the 16 Arhats. Lama Jampa will return to the UK at the end of December and will be giving teachings at Sakya Buddhist Centre, Bristol on January 18. Click here for details.