Lama Jampa at Sakya Samten Ling, West Los Angeles

Lama Jampa has just completed his Spring teaching visit to West Los Angeles where he gave two days of teachings at Sakya Samten Ling. Lama Jampa taught The Thirty Seven Practices of a Buddha’s Child by Gyalse Thokme Zangpo and bestowed the initiations of Sanjay Menla and Green Tara from the lineage of Atisha. Both days were extremely well attended and several new sangha members took refuge. Lama Jampa emphasised the importance of both receiving the teachings in a traditional way and of then studying them in detail afterwards.

Lama Jampa is now en route to San Francisco where he will be teaching at Lama Kunga Thartse’s Sakya centre,Ewam Choden, for two days. For details of this teaching programme click here.