Lama Jampa Thaye at the Rimay Monlam 2012 and address to ‘Space for Mind, Space for Art’ exhibition

Lama Jampa Thaye has just attended the Rimay Monlam held at the Garrison Institute in upstate New York. The four day event, which was organised by Tulku Sherdor of the Blazing Wisdom Institute and Lama Surya Das of the Dzogchen Institute, was attended by five lamas and over fifty dharma practitioners.

This was the first Monlam to be held in North America and, like the monlams held by all four traditions in India, included recitations of the King of Aspirations Prayer, the Manjushri Namasangiti and the Aspiration prayer from the Bodhisattvacharyavatara.

On Saturday Lama Jampa gave a dharma talk on the universal wisdom of all Buddhist traditions. On Sunday a meeting between teachers was held where important issues facing dharma today were discussed. Lama Jampa also spent some time with Lama Surya Das discussing mutual old friends and plans for the future. Click here to listen to Lama Jampa’s talk.

The Rimay Monlam came hot on the heels of Lama Jampa’s address at a private viewing of the ‘Space for Mind, Space for Art’ exhibition hosted by the Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in London. Lama Jampa gave a wide ranging discourse on the significance of art within Buddhism. Video footage of Lama Jampa’s address will be uploaded to his official YouTube channel shortly. Click here for more information on the exhibition.