Lama Jampa teaches in West LA

Lama Jampa has just spent ten days in West Los Angeles where he bestowed a series of teachings. This visit marks six years of his dharma activity in Los Angeles and saw him, as is customary, give teachings at both Yeshe Nyingpo LA and Kagyu Donak Ling in addition to Sakya Samten Ling.

Yeshe Nyingpo, whose coordinator is Acharya Ed Heckermann, was founded by Dudjom Rinpoche in the 1980s. Lama Jampa gave the first teaching of his visit, a discourse on the Four Seals here on Saturday March 31. On the evening of April 4 Lama Jampa visited Kagyu Do Nga Chuling and gave a presentation on the qualities of the guru. Kagyu Do Nga Chuling was founded by the previous Kalu Rinpoche and the coordinator is Leroy Griggs.

Lama Jampa’s visit culminated with a weekend of teachings at our Sakya centre, Sakya Samten Ling. Following a full day of teaching on the Khorday Yerme (The View of the Sakya Tradition) ┬áLama Jampa bestowed the initiations of Saraswati and Chenrezik Mahamudra on the Sunday afternoon.

The American sangha were very happy to be able to spend this time with Lama Jampa and all the teachings were very well attended. There was a real sense of community and collaboration evident between the three centres who continue to work well together and support each other in their respective dharma activities in West LA.