Recent News

Lama Jampa is currently in Manchester giving personal interviews for a week. This follows the teaching event in London last Saturday, 4 December, where Lama Jampa bestowed Nubkyi Rigdzin’s commentary on the Zhenpa Zhidral (Parting From the Four Attachments), together with the initiation of Black Manjushri.

This was the first time Lama Jampa bestowed the initiation of Black Manjushri, which is drawn from the esoteric Sakya collection: the 13 Golden Dharmas. Lama Jampa received the complete transmission of the 13 Golden Dharmas in 1986 from His Holiness Sakya Trizin in His Holiness’s personal shrine room in Deradun, India. Lama Jampa will bestow the initiation of Simhamukha (Lion-Faced dakini), another deity from this collection, in Los Angeles in April next year.

Lama Jampa’s itinerary for the remainder of this year will see him travel to New York for a private visit, followed by his return to Manchester where he will bestow the concluding part of “The Instructions of the Supreme Siddhas” by Situ Tenpe Nyinjay, which is a commentary on the third Karmapa Ranjung Dorje’s famed text, “The Prayer of Mahamudra” at the Kagyu Shedra.
For more information on this year’s Kagyu shedra, please visit this link.