The importance of being non-sectarian

In response to people asking about seeming errors or strange behaviour of dharma people, Lama Jampa Thaye kindly spoke to Dechen blog.

‘At the time of Sakya Pandita many errors were occurring in the transmission of the dharma in Tibet and therefore with his great compassion and wise mind he pointed out these errors. This was not with the aim of destroying any of the schools of Buddhism, but with the aim of helping them remain true to their original purposes. Nowadays it seems that there are also some errors arising in the practice of Buddhism and within some dharma organisations, but there is nobody in the West with the same spiritual realisation as Sakya Pandita. So my advice is that we should all just practise the teachings we have received from our Lamas very purely and not criticise any dharma people or organisations. Instead we should hope that by practising the pure dharma of any one of the four traditions, those who are presently making errors will learn from this and correct their practice.’