Kagyu Buddhist Group Fylde

Venue for Meetings:
Carleton Memorial Hall
Moorfield Avenue,

Tel: 07961 885 668
Email:  fylde@dechen.org
Website: www.kagyubuddhism.org

Classes in Buddhism and Meditation

Tuesday Mornings
9.45 - 10.14Meditation.
10.15 - 10.45 Buddhism in the Modern World

In 2016, Lama Jampa Thaye, as part of a series of teachings in California, gave a public talk explaining how Buddhist philosophy and practice is not limited by temporal/cultural boundaries and can be applied just as effectively in the modern Western world as it was in ancient India. He briefly introduces, in an accessible way, the whole of the Buddhist path and method of training.

Each week, following Shamatha Meditation, a short section of a recording of Lama Jampa’s teaching will be played followed by a period of reflection on the topic.

Part 1. How Buddhism is relevant to the modern Western world

Part 2. Training the Mind, the way to Wisdom: How to make a start- Hearing, Thinking and Meditating

Part 3. Moral Behaviour

Part 4. Meditation

Part 5. Wisdom “All conditioned phenomena are impermanent”

Part 6. Wisdom “All contaminated phenomena are suffering”

Part 7. Wisdom “All phenomena are selfless”

Part 8. Wisdom “Nirvana alone is peace”